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Svetlana is a coach, artist, storyteller, and speaker.

Throughout the last decade, she has worked with corporations including Google, Apple, lululemon, Great Place To Work Institute and as a leadership coach, sales and client experience executive, recruiter, brand strategist, and storyteller.


Her work for Google X was featured in USA TODAY and her writing has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, Delivering Happiness, and Socially Superlative among others.


As a Co-Active coach, Svetlana specializes in supporting entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and those going through major life and career transitions. She has coached leaders at Google, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Netflix and lululemon. See her live in San Francisco on October 26th and 27th as she hosts the coaching house for the SERENDIPITY conference hosted by the Guild in San Francisco. 


As a consultant, Svetlana’s areas of expertise are content strategy, brand and business development and presentation skills/public speaking.


As a speaker, Svetlana facilitates workshops on the topic of “Mental Wealth” in order to raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health issues. Her last Mental Wealth workshop was held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, where she is also a mentor coach for the Milestone Makers Program. 


When she is not coaching, drawing or writing, Svetlana is swimming, salsa dancing or eating avocados. She might even be doing all three at the same time.


What inspires Svetlana is our human ability to overcome and become our most powerful selves. Her personal values are choice, love, and service. She is a certified Zumba instructor, and currently in the process of becoming an InnerYoga Instructor.


Svetlana is deeply curious and always exploring ways to connect the mind, body, and spirit. She appreciates you stopping by.


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