As a Co-Active coach, Svetlana’s area of expertise is supporting entrepreneurs, creatives, and those going through major life and career transitions. She has coached leaders at Google, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, lululemon, InVisionapp, and Netflix.

Svetlana’s Coaching Helps You …


Create Work-Life Integration

Develop Leadership Presence

Build Mental Resilience

Navigate Change With Grace

Build Confidence & Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Become Powerful Storytellers & Master Communication


When You Become A Coaching Client, You …



Get Unstuck

Tap Into Your Highest Potential

Expand Focus and Accountability

Strengthen Leadership Skills

Tap Into Courage and Authenticity

Develop and Stick to an Action Plan

Make a Positive Impact on the World

Live a Balanced and Abundant Life

Create a Business Without Losing Your Mind

Gain Clarity Around Your Life’s Passion and Purpose

Identify and Transform Behaviors that are Holding You Back


Svetlana brings a creative co-active philosophy to 1:1 coaching and leadership development — supported by her 10+ years in the corporate world, having worked with companies like Google, Apple,, lululemon, Delivering Happiness and Great Place To Work Institute.


As an artist, writer, and former sales executive, Svetlana blends left brain thinking and right brain creativity, inspiring leadership development and confidence in her clients. Her specialty is helping individuals take life’s paradoxes and find balance and fulfillment. She has a track record of helping high performing leaders level up. Svetlana works best with entrepreneurial minded individuals who want to tap deeper into their creativity and shift perspectives by developing positive neural pathways.


Whether you’re just starting off on your leadership path or are a seasoned executive, Svetlana will help you tap into your greatest potential and achieve measurable resultsSvetlana is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a graduate of CTI’s ( The Coaches Training Institute) world-renowned Leadership Program.


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“Since working with Svetlana, my life has completely transformed in all the ways I wanted it to transform. She has helped me get unstuck and for that I am eternally grateful. If you’re ready to make some big changes in your life or looking for some extra love and support, Svetlana is 100% your coach!”

– Kristen DeAngeles, Enterprise Marketing Manager, InVisionApp


“It’s been such a pleasure having Svetlana as a coach and I’m often surprised at how much can be accomplished in even a short 30 minute session. Our conversations leave me feeling more empowered and I’ve been able to gain new insights into some of my patterns and behaviors and what’s really important to me. It’s been wonderful having someone to motivate me and hold me accountable for setting and achieving both professional and personal goals in my life.”

-Kim Huynh, Senior Video Producer, San Francisco Symphony


“Svetlana was a pleasure to work with. Warm, curious, and accepting, she invited me to explore the dreams I’m afraid to pursue, and inspired, guided, and coached me to make the decisions that will take me where I wish to go.”

– Sophie Bousset, Marketing Manager, RocketSpace

“Work with Svetlana if you’re looking for a personal renaissance. Enough said.”

– Alex Eckhart, Entrepreneur 

“Svetlana is a true inspiration in her desire and commitment to helping others discover and become the best versions of themselves. She is a natural motivator whose passion for coaching is clear, and it was a delight to work with her. Her positive energy, genuine interest, and openness made me immediately comfortable and at ease, all of which produced a productive, authentic and valuable session.”

-Arla Rosenzweig, Technical Program Manager, Pinterest


“Working with Svetlana at Google was an experience of high enlightenment. Each day, Svet provided new glimpses of light and passion that were inspired by her work and peers. She helped me thrive to new levels of confidence and productiveness while encouraging the collaboration of the entire team and Google community.”

-Raphael Feldman, Program Manager, Google X


“Svet is a visionary. She is a connector and has the ability to inspire, motivate, and create possibilities few can see. Armed with a knack for words, she is a master communicator and can eloquently move audiences with a stroke of the pen. Svet brings an infectious positive energy to any team. A passion for fostering creative in the workplace, Svet is an asset to teams who want energy and creativity.”

-Shawn Ardaiz, Systems Leadership & Innovation Entrepreneur




“I went into my JetSvet with basic instructions – dress in layers and be prepared to focus on something you want to transform in your life.  My adventure couldn’t have been full of more surprises than if it was my birthday…and it was, my birthday. Following a winding road leading to the far reaches of the Marin Headlands in whipping winds and glorious rain, we set out on a soul tapping hike.  Svetlana asked a few probing questions and off we went. What I found most striking about the whole experience was we stayed focused and gently wrestled my concern into a new formation. To my great delight, Svetlana asked a question where she simply shifted one single word.  That single word lifted an elephant sized perspective to that of a hummingbird’s feather like weight.  In the days that have passed since my JetSvet, my world has become a lighter and more effective place.

I recommend this experience to anyone who appreciates adventure, nature, deep listening and the possibility of real personal transformation.”

Jacquline Burns, Founder & CEO, Work of Art


“The JetSvet experience is a true adventure. The drive, the music, the conversation, the stunning views all beg you to let go. Svetlana takes you on a magical tour that is both external and internal. It is a journey that few of us allow ourselves to go on. Reflecting in such a magical setting with a wonderful guide opened me to what really mattered in my life.


Svetlana has this uncanny ability to deeply connect you to what you’re grappling with. Her thought provoking questions, humor, and personal life experiences are shared in a timely and inviting way to help shed light on next steps and ways to move forward powerfully. Thank you Svetlana. I’m honored and humbled by our experience.”

-Shawn Ardaiz, Chief Inovation Officer, Culture Pulse


“A JetSvet with Svetlana is an unforgettable experience. One can’t help but leave with a spring in one’s step, a new insight to cherish and a touch more joy in one’s heart.”

-Nic Marks, TED Speaker & CEO, Happiness Works


“The most important thing I took away from today is that an investment in myself is an investment in others. The best way for me to be there for the people I care about is to be the best version of myself, which comes from loving and accepting who I am.

These insights are not novel, but they feel meaningful and tangible; they carry weight because of the organic way they surfaced through carefully guided conversation, continued encouragement, and the creation of a safe space in which I was able to share pieces of myself I haven’t before. I feel empowered and capable to move forward from here, equipped with the tools I need, to begin taking the first steps toward true self-love and acceptance – not because I feel I should, but because I’m choosing to.”

-Arla Rosenzweig, Engineering Program Manager, Pinterest


“The great escape out of the city and inward to my heart was a reprieve I had been yearning for and, as all magical moments seem to, came at the EXACT moment it was meant to. Svet, your listening and curious questions helped me get to my deepest truth I hadn’t tapped into in a while. Today, I got to share my truest and purest desire in life is being at peace.


It’s always been.


Beyond the desires for romance, feeling safe, knowing freedom, and believing in joy – the truth is, it all comes back to peace. What got crystal clear was recognizing I’m tuned in to that at any time I want and each desire I have already exists for me. Today was a wonderful reminder and in equal measure, a revelation. Thank you for helping me get to that. It’s all so good and always been. The JetSvet experience got me to that truth. Your questions, your listening, and reflections helped me move through a lot of ways of thinking that aren’t serving me and I don’t think I would’ve gotten without your coaching.”

-Lorena Martinez, Creative Recruiter, Uber


“What a beautiful afternoon of reflection and creation. I was touched, moved and inspired simply by the expansive natural setting of our session together that reflected the boundlessness I wanted to bring to every area of my life. As I confronted an ongoing personal challenge, I felt a physical tightening in my chest that disappeared by the end of our hour together as I transformed from a constrained being filled with doubt to a huge and powerful space of possibility where anything could be accomplished.


I love that Svetlana took the time to to have me sit with sensations and visualizations that arose to pinpoint what my exact feelings were and pointed out to me the themes and patterns she noticed in my sharing. By listening and having me pin down the value that was most important to me– full freedom and authentic self expression– and creating challenges for me to accept that were in line with building upon this value, I began to see concrete steps that I could take that would enable me to trust in my inner voice and access the freedom that I was looking for, even allowing me to access and feel that freedom in that very moment. It was laying out these goals and challenges that enabled me to move forward in a place where I was feeling stuck with a solid plan of action. I left our session excited to tackle that plan and feeling a renewed sense of strength and openness. It seemed symbolically fitting that on the drive back to the city, the fog around us had cleared.”

-Kim Huynh, Video Producer, San Francisco Symphony


“The entire JetSvet experience was magical. From meeting at coffee shop adorned with creative art pieces and delicious green matcha lattes to returning home over the Golden Gate Bridge while another beautiful sunset was upon us. Svetlana has a healing spirit and a knowledgeable soul. Through my JetSvetting experience we were able to identify one area in my life I would like to improve/heal/release and we tapped into it. Svetlana brought various perspectives, ideas and challenges which helped me address my pain in a way unique to me. She brings peace, comfort, perspective and clarity but that only comes after working through the hard, mucky “stuff” which is holding me back. She’s a loyal coach who doesn’t expect or demand immediate results but will be by your side to help guide you through the muck and honor the clarity and peace which lies beyond.”

-Amy Brewster, Senior Recruiter, Lily, Inc.


“Working with Svetlana was so natural for me. Being in nature with her energy was such an uplifting experience that I can now take with me wherever I go. She not only brings out the best in you, she digs deep into topics that you wouldn’t even think of on your own, that is what the JetSvet is all about. I can’t thank her enough for bringing out the best in my thoughts that I didn’t even know existed!”

-Alana Joy, Chef, Francis & Octavia


“It’s incredible the shifts that can happen when you are reminded that you are in control of the way you take on each day!”

-Michaela Alexander, Strategic Field Marketing Manager, InVisionApp



1:1 Coaching | 6 month packages start at $6,000 

The JetSvet | An experiential coaching experience created in San Francisco, CA, inspired by years of traveling outward and inward $500

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