“Svetlana is an inspiring person to work with. She is like an attractor – attracting interesting ideas and interesting people to her. She also makes connections between people and ideas that show genuine creativity and ingenuity. Whenever we have worked together, something of value has emerged – whether a new way of seeing a familiar problem or an introduction to a new person with something to contribute.”  Nic, TED Speaker & CEO, Happiness Works 

“Svet captures light in her photography the way she reflects it in the world: bold, bright, and beautiful. Not only am I proud to own her original artwork, but I also use her portrait of me for my personal brand and professional social networks.”  Nate, UX Designer

“Work with Svetlana if you’re looking for a personal renaissance. Enough said.

Alex, Entrepreneur 

“Svet led the creation of our content marketing strategy for 2016 here at Augmedix. She had a clear voice in her presentation and explanation of the strategy and did a very good job at collecting the input from our various departments and stakeholders to form a cohesive strategy. In addition, she was highly effective in influencing our company culture through the creation of internal materials, newsletters, and interviews that guided the morale and culture of the company during critical inflection points of our company’s growth.”  Pelu, CoFounder, Augmedix

“Svetlana defines energy, a positive outlook and someone who knows how to get stuff done. She is both personable and extremely outgoing and I highly recommend anyone take a look at both her work and her wonderful personality. She is very simply a joy to be around and to have in your corner!” Mark, Designer & Entrepreneur

“Svetlana embodies style.  She is a prolific writer and  speaker who has the rare ability to pull at the deepest of heart strings through her speech . She can awaken the sexy from the drab.  She encompasses a depth of passion and fire that not only aligned her with some of the most dynamic and famous people of our day, in fact, she is so firey, it has turned her hair red.” Alexandra, Filmmaker & Owner, Brand Bar

“Svet is honest and real. She accepts me for who I am.”

Svet’s integrity and care for people is impeccable. She placed me in my dream job but when it quickly became a nightmare, she rescued me with grace.” Nathan, Art Director

“I first came across Svetlana’s writing in her blog Laugh Cry Learn Repeat and I was immediately drawn in to Svetlana’s style of writing: raw, emotional, moving and full of poetic prose. She is a gifted writer, whose writing captures details and imagery of life with unfiltered passion. Her writing is powerful, and truly inspires. ” Lillian, Conference Producer

“Svetlana, is a creative, innovative, compassionate and strong individual. She is a connector and has a knack for supporting individuals in reaching their goals. Her passion for inspiring individuals is what has helped me in achieving my career goals and being the best at what I do. She has helped me in a number of ways which have included, interview preparation, career counseling and overall life inspiration.” Alicia, Communications Manager, Joe Goode Performance Group

“Svetlana’s charisma and dedication to creating the ultimate customer experience at lululemon increased sales, drove customer retention, and fostered a wonderful working environment. I absolutely loved working with her and would do so again!”

Hadley, Customer Success Manager, lululemon

“…Beyond her contagiously positive energy, Svetlana brought with her an intellect, organization and proactive drive to the likes of which I have never seen…”

Jacob, Director, Global Strategic Accounts, FROSCH

“Svetlana maintains a detail driven professionalism while delivering wonderfully poignant, articulate and insightful articles. Though I coordinate pieces with her from across the country, I am always confident to work with Svetlana, knowing I can count on her.”

Ava, Editor & Writer

“Svetlana – your photography takes me on a journey, heightens the senses and leaves me in awe. You always capture life in the most beautiful and intriguing, simplistic yet dimentional. Your photography lets me pause and remember just how beautiful a world we live in. May you find your next “Ah- ha moment” soon so you can share it with the world.”

Mckenzie, LinkedIn Executive

“I have seen Svetlana putting clients’ and candidates’ interests ahead of her own interests, and this is proof of her professional integrity.”

Santiago, Director of Financial Networks

“I really enjoyed my photoshoot with Svetlana. Even though we had never met before, the photoshoot was filled with laughter, fun stories and great support from her for me to express myself. I felt free to tell her what I needed and she respected my wishes. She also inspired more creativity and expression in me with her enthusiasm and good eye for beautiful poses.”

Quynh, Business Development Manager