Svetlana’s Coaching …


Builds Mental Resilience

Develops Leadership Presence

Creates Work-Life Integration

Expands Focus and Accountability

Helps You Navigate Change With Grace

Makes You A Powerful Storyteller & Communicator

Helps You Run Your Business, Without Losing Your Mind

Identifies / Transforms Behaviors that are Holding You Back

Builds Confidence & Helps You Overcome Imposter Syndrome

As A Coaching Client You Will…



Get Unstuck And Take Action

Tap Into Your Highest Potential

Strengthen Leadership Skills

Tap Into Courage and Authenticity

Develop and Stick to an Action Plan

Make a Positive Impact on the World

Live a Balanced and Abundant Life

Gain Clarity Around Your Life’s Passion and Purpose

Great living is about eliminating unnecessary details.

Great coaching uncovers, explores, clarifies, and ignites dreams into reality. 

Get ready to live your greatest life.


Svetlana Saitsky is an Executive Coach who works exclusively with mission-driven leaders. By working with Svetlana, you will remove all barriers to your productivity and infuse your life and work with the energy, perspective, tools, and mindfulness you need to live your most fulfilling life. Svetlana has coached leaders at the world’s most well-known corporations including Google, Apple, Netflix, AirBNB and Pinterest. After spending 10+ years in the corporate world as a sales executive, content strategist, and head of storytelling, Svetlana brings comprehensive industry knowledge and business acumen to her coaching. A Professional Certified Coach (PCC), she is a mentor coach for 500 Startups, Runway Innovation Hub, and The Coaching Fellowship. Svetlana’s coaching programs combine her expertise in leadership development, Jungian psychology and neuroscience. Book a complimentary coaching call with Svetlana today to explore exactly how her coaching will transform your life and career.

“Working with Svetlana is one of the most beneficial investments in myself that I have ever made. We met while I was in a period of unemployment, when I was unsure of what to do next and was feeling quite listless. I shortly thereafter became a client and I could not have fathomed then what fruits our partnership would bear over the course of the next year and a half. During this time period, I not only secured gainful employment, but I went on to make the most money I’ve made up to this point in my career and have found great fulfillment in the work that I am pursuing. With the help of Svetlana, her insight, and her skills as a co-active coach, I transitioned from an individual contributor to managing an organization of 20 people across 3 cities… I have found our coaching relationship so effective that, in comparison, therapy was not providing a satisfactory return on investment – as such, I’ve focused all my time, money, and effort on coaching with Svetlana.”  Jonathon Warthman, Mercari

S V E T L A N A ‘ S   C E R T I F I C A T I O N S



1:1 Individual Coaching Package | 6 month packages start at $7,800. Sliding Scale available based on merit/need 

The JetSvet | A 3-Hour experiential coaching experience inspired by years of traveling outward, and inward $1,700

Corporate Coaching | Please contact Svetlana for quote. Provide your company name and the size of your team.