“Work with Svetlana if you’re looking for a personal renaissance. Enough said.” Alex, Entrepreneur 

“I’ve been lucky to have Svetlana as a leadership coach through a critical personal and professional period. Growing a start

up business in a new country isn’t easy! Svetlana is both highly intuitive and structured. In the moment she has given me the

space to to focus on what is immediately important while also helping me see and take action on longer term patterns of

thinking and acting. Svetlana does this by bringing new and diverse thinking in a kind but challenging and impactful way.

My wish is that many more people could benefit from the support Svetlana has given me.” Carl, CEO, Adeption

“We recruited Svetlana to be a coach for our Milestone Makers program after she led an incredible workshop on “Creating

Mental Wealth in the Workplace” at the Nasdaq Center. She has such a gift for connecting with people and is so clearly

passionate about helping entrepreneurs find both fulfillment and balance in their lives. We couldn’t be more fortunate to

have her as part of our coaching community!” Joyce, Program Manager, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

“In our careers every now and then we come across someone truly exceptional. Svetlana is that person. Her passion for her

work, her compassion for her clients and her creativity in creating mutual beneficial relationships are outstanding. Before I

worked with Svetlana I never had an executive coach. Svetlana has opened my eyes to see my strengths, paths forward and

never misses to remind me that I have to do the work and where to start. She has a great talent for asking the right question

at the right time and she brings the right amount of her self into the discussion. I have also engaged Svetlana for workshops

over the past years and the feedback from the audience has consistently been a 9 out of 10. I cannot recommend Svetlana

high enough to potential coaching clients or startups or corporations who are looking for a transformational workshop

organizer.” Anne, Founder, The GUILD

“Powerhouse Coach! The professional evolution and leadership growth I’ve experienced while working with Svetlana have

been two of the most meaningful rewards of my life. Not only does my life and career trajectory inspire me more than ever

before; I, now, also walk into life’s challenges with the confidence that I have the power to engineer positive outcomes and

poignant solutions by searching within. Svetlana has reminded me of the importance of asking questions, empowering

empathy, and committing to live a life of passion and purpose. Definitely recommend working with Svetlana if you’re ready

to actualize your ambitions and live an inspired, more purposeful life.” Hannah, Entrepreneur

“Svetlana is an inspiring person to work with. She is like an attractor – attracting interesting ideas and interesting people to her. She also makes connections between people and ideas that show genuine creativity and ingenuity. Whenever we have worked together, something of value has emerged – whether a new way of seeing a familiar problem or an introduction to a new person with something to contribute.”  Nic, TED Speaker & CEO, Happiness Works 

“Svetlana is a true inspiration in her desire and commitment to helping others discover and become the best versions of

themselves. She is a natural motivator whose passion for coaching is clear, and it was a delight to work with her. Her positive

energy, genuine interest, and openness made me immediately comfortable and at ease, all of which produced a productive,

authentic and valuable session.” Arla, Program Manager, Pinterest

“Working with Svetlana at Google was an experience of high enlightenment. Each day, Svet provided new glimpses of light

and passion that were inspired by her work and peers. She helped me thrive to new levels of confidence and productiveness

while encouraging the collaboration of the entire team and Google community. Working alongside Svetlana, you could see

that there were no boundaries or barriers to achieving high levels of production. I would recommend Svetlana for work with

in communities and among people who are courageous, excited, progressive, artistic, genuine and kind. She would be a

positive contributor to any company, organization, business or team.” Raphael, Director, SpinLaunch

“Svetlana and I spent 6 months working together. She was incredibly helpful in helping me discover and listen to the pieces I

have been ignoring or dismissing. She helped me build up my mental health tool chest with exercises and techniques that

helped me slow down and process my internal and external world.” Esraa, Senior QA Engineer, Apple